Innovative Approaches to Asphalt Repairs

Improving Asphalt Repairs: A Personal Account

As a contractor specializing in roadworks, I have seen and worked on countless asphalt repair projects. And I’ve noticed one thing in common among them – most repairs were only temporary solutions, with the underlying problem remaining prevalent. Just a few months post-repair, I’d get called back for similar repairs. It’s not only frustrating for the client but also for us.

After observing a pattern, I decided it’s high time we went beyond traditional asphalt repair methods and came up with a more profound approach. I and my team delved into research and testing to come up with innovative solutions that were not only permanent but also environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Learn more about the topic in this external resource we’ve prepared for you.

1. Geosynthetic-Asphalt Interlayer Reinforcement

One of the most common flaws with traditional asphalt repair is poor bonding between repair material and the existing surface. This results in cracking and loosening, which only worsens with wear and tear. Geosynthetic-asphalt reinforcement provides a permanent bonding solution between the overlay and the old asphalt. This method has been tested and approved by the Federal Highway Administration as a cost-effective way of extending pavement life and reducing reconstruction cost.

Innovative Approaches to Asphalt Repairs 3

In this approach, we first eradicate the damaged surface and clean the base to eliminate any dirt and debris. We then spread an adhesive layer that bonds the geotextile fabric to the asphalt surface. This fabric is then coated with asphalt cement to enhance adhesion with the new overlay surface, and then asphalt concrete is laid on top.

2. Crack Sealing and Filling

Cracks are a common occurrence on asphalt pavement surfaces, primarily due to temperature fluctuations, traffic loads, and insufficient laying of asphalt. Cracks not only compromise the integrity of the surface but also provide a channel for water to penetrate and cause further degradation.

Conventional crack repairs mainly involve filling the cracks with asphalt sealant or hot-poured rubber. While effective, these methods only address the surface defect and do not prevent the problem from occurring or progressing further.

With crack filling, we use high-quality crack fillers and ensure they penetrate deep into the crack’s base material. In crack sealing, we introduce a fiberized asphalt emulsion into the cracks. After the material sets and hardens, it provides an effective barrier, preventing water or debris from infiltrating the crack, thus prolonging asphalt’s lifespan.

3. Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling is a process where excess old pavement is removed to improve the new overlay’s adherence to the asphalt surface. This method is highly effective in solving underlying problems like rutting, irregular surfaces, and trip hazards.

Milling may be used to remove part of the existing asphalt surface, or in instances of severe degradation, the entire surface may be milled and replaced.

4. Infrared Ray Asphalt Repair

The Infrared Ray Asphalt Repair provides a cost-effective and quick method of repairing potholes and other surface defects. The process involves heating the damaged asphalt surface using infrared light technology, thus making the pavement soft and malleable.

Once soft, the pavement is raked and loosened to remove any debris or contaminants. A rejuvenator is then applied if needed, followed by a new asphalt mix and compacting the mix using vibratory compactors. The end result is a seamless, uniform, and permanent repair.


Innovative approaches to asphalt repair offer an effective alternative to traditional methods. While traditional methods may still be useful in certain scenarios, the approaches discussed above provide a more durable, cost-effective, and long-term solution.

As technical advances continue, newer and more effective repair methods will undoubtedly be developed, but for now, geosynthetic-asphalt interlayer reinforcement, crack sealing, milling, and infrared ray repair are the most innovative and reliable methods available. Gain additional knowledge about the topic in this external source we’ve compiled for you. asphalt cold patch.

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